Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do Some Good

This is a cause I really believe in supporting. Do some good!

The DC Rape Crisis Center is looking for a little help this holiday season. Funding has been cut significantly for the Center, so they have started raising money to buy underwear for victims after they leave their medical exams. Amazingly, the Crisis Center no longer has money for something as small (but important) as undies.

Its $1/pair, a small contribution that might make a significant difference to someone in a truly traumatic situation. OR you can go out and choose some [new] spiffy undies and donate them yourself!

To donate: send checks (even just $1) to:
Volunteer Office, DC Rape Crisis Center, PO Box 34125, Washington DC 20043 (only send checks payable to "DC Rape Crisis Center").

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to a contact person at the Center, feel free to comment on the post, and I'll get you in touch with someone who can help! Thanks!

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