Monday, November 30, 2009

Zac Posen for Target (or, a Holiday Miracle)

After gushing incessantly about Rodarte for Target, the mega-chain has given me another reason to swoon: Zac Posen is slated to design a collection for Target's Go International series. According to WWD, the collection will be available April 25 till May 30, 2010, both in-store and online.

Just recently, Posen unveiled his Z Spoke line at Saks, a "budget-friendly" collection, starting with t-shirts retailing at $78. As The Cut points out, the Target line may further spike the rumors that the label is suffering financially.

Regardless, I'm stoked. I fell quite blissfully in love with the designer in college, when I was fortunate enough to snag a last-minute ticket to the Zac Posen Spring 2008 RTW show during Fashion Week (who knew interning could have such exquisite perks?). Although that particular collection was heavily criticized, Posen's creations, and the runway show, reflected the designer's knack for totally transforming the viewer's experience into a fantastical dream.

Not a lot has been revealed about the Target collection, i.e. price point or design influences, but I'm sure something will leak online sooner or later. I'll keep you posted.

Top image, Zac Posen RTW Spring 2010. Bottom image, Z Spoke Spring 2010. Both Images via

Change Is Good

In the tradition of all great fashion moments, I have given my blog a makeover (Agyness Deyn's new brunette look is on my mind right now). Regardless, I'd like to thank my ever-patient and enthusiastic family and friends for helping me put it together. Most of all, I'd like to thank the queen of ridiculously awesome makeovers, Sam - my very dear friend who decided to show up to our prom (in Texas) rocking a golden tan and a bright pink updo. To this date, it's still one of the most inspiring, and utterly ballsy, looks I've ever seen.


Image of Agyness Deyn via

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - Schlump in Style

Check out my post on Urban Darling this week - dedicated to all of you who would rather spend the holidays watching movies on your couch (don't get me wrong, that's my m.o. as well). Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Michelle Obama Wears Rachel Roy and Naeem Khan

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur arrived at the White House yesterday. When speaking about the evening's reception, Michelle Obama wore a dress by American-born Indian designer Rachel Roy, and in the evening, she wore a dress by Indian-American designer, Naeem Khan. According to Mrs. O/The Cut:

"The strapless gown features hand cut sterling silver sequins sewn on nude silk chiffon, which create an abstract floral pattern. The dress is entirely handmade, requiring three weeks of work by 40 people, completed in Naeem Kahn's family workshop in India."

Supposedly Khan's instructions were to create something "Indian, chic, simple, but very glamorous."

I think this dress looks stunning on Michelle Obama, as most clothes do on her, and I love that she made the effort to patron American-Indian designers for the occasion (shout out to the motherland). While the dress doesn't necessarily speak to the brightly-hued glittery saris of the western imagination, the intricate, delicate work, the craftsmanship, and the fluid fabrics are key factors in Indian eveningwear, both modern and traditional.

Top Image via The Cut, bottom Images via Mrs. O.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ballet & Bolts: Thank You, Alexander McQueen

Today, I received the link to this Interview post, penned by Ana Finel Honigman. Yet again, I'm overwhelmed by Alexander McQueen's distinct vision, particularly when designing unrivaled accessories.

McQueen's Titanic Ballet Pump, from the Spring 2010 collection, is an incredible piece: on one hand, the shade of soft pink leather is perfectly in sync with a ballerina's first pair of slippers, and yet the platform is reminiscent of the box of a pointe shoe. And then, of course, there's that heel... made of hardware.

Honigman acutely points out, "Few non-dancers watch The Nutcracker and think about hip replacement surgery, which is why Alexander McQueen's Titanic Ballerina pump has such uncanny erotic allure. Its overtly sexy silhouette is like a direct flick of the finger to death, decay and the consequences of decadence."

I think she's on the mark. But since art is open to interpretation, I have a slightly different reading of this shoe: the stunning heel is an obvious nod to architectural grace, and with all its parts revealed, it seems like a piece of the Eiffel Tower was glued to the bottom of a ballet shoe. Beauty has taken two forms, one is the effortless charm of the the pink ballet shoe, and another is the intricate - and almost frightening - mechanical elegance of the heel. The Titanic, heralded for its technology and unsurpassed luxury, is a prime example of mankind's hubris inciting nature's wrath. Check out McQueen's full Spring 2010 collection on - man vs. wild seems to be the central theme.

But over-analyzing aside, I can't get over these shoes. Maybe it's because I was a ballerina in my teens? I don't think I ever felt cooler than when rocking a leotard, tights, and pointe shoes (I'm quite the dork, I know).

Monday, November 23, 2009

When I Was Thirteen, I Wasn't as Cool as Tavi Gevinson

At thirteen years old, Style Rookie's blogger Tavi Gevinson is making quite a name for herself on the fashion scene. Gevinson started her blog at the age of eleven (seriously) and has developed an impressive following. In Teen Vogue, the Mulleavy sisters reportedly said, "Tavi defines Rodarte for Target... she's curious and discerning."

She was recently on the cover of Pop magazine, designed by Damien Hirst. Now, the the quirky teenager is traveling to Tokyo, where she will be the guest of honor at the Comme des Garçons' holiday party this Friday, November 27th, and where she will meet Rei Kawakubo. On Style Rookie, Gevinson describes herself at the type of girl who "scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo's doorsteps and serenades her in rap."

I love this blog. She's a surprisingly good writer, and she's got a whimsical personal style. Reading Gevinson's blog reminds me of how I felt about fashion when I was growing up - something liberating that helped me escape to a far more exciting world.

Top Image via The Cut, bottom images via and

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Countdown Begins: Rodarte for Target

A couple of months ago, I saw some images of the Rodarte for Target collection via nitro:licious, and while the designs were appealing, the images made it difficult to tell whether or not the pieces would look chic or cheap (you can see what I mean by checking the bottom image consisting of twelve looks - the clothes piqued my interest, but the styling needs reworking).

Now that the collection has been photographed by several magazines, a) it seems absolutely fabulous and b) it's an editorial darling. In Vogue's December 2009 issue, the two looks featured are perfect Holiday ensembles. In particular, I've been salivating over the black lace dress, although the I'm quite partial to the mustard hue in the second look. I hope to snag several of the cardigans and the skeleton dress as well. I like the range, too - delicate dresses, rocker-inspired skeleton and leopard dresses, versatile cardigans, and casual vests and tops. There's plenty to work with!

Kate and Laura Mulleavy (the designing sisters behind Rodarte) are fast becoming my heroines. More exciting news: according to another nitro:licious report, Eugenia Kim and Cynthia Vincent will each be launching a limited-edition collection at Target - details to come.

The collection drops on December 20th, 2009, and will be available till February 6, 2010. And, thankfully, you can avoid the sartorial maelstrom by shopping online!

Top image via You Betta Work, Bottom images via nitro:licious and Rackk and Ruin.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Victoria Beckham Collection's Latest Model: Blake Lively?

Do you think Blake Lively would be the right model for Victoria Beckham's collection? Check out my latest post on Urban Darling!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jolie-Pitt: Saving the World, One Designer Accessory at a Time

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are launching an accessories line this week with Asprey. According to WWD, the snake-inspired collection of gold and silver jewelry, dubbed "The Protector", starts at $525...for a baby spoon. All net proceeds will go to Jolie's charity, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict. Jolie supposedly favored the serpent theme because, when pregnant with daughter Shiloh, Jolie wore a ring in the shape of a snake, and now she believes that they serve as a family talisman.

Frankly, I'm less impressed by the rings and necklaces, which are attractive but have been done already, and more interested in the unique design of the baby spoon and the silver cup. These pieces are incredibly sculptural, and pretty bad ass for a baby.

Images via WWD

Saturday, November 14, 2009

NYC Sunday Sample Sales

NYC Sample Sales for Sunday, November 15

-Surface to Air, 5 Crosby Street, 6th Floor, 12pm - 7pm
-Refinery29's Save Fashion event, popup at INVEN.TORY (with 90% of brands including Dunderdon, Steven Alan, Pact, Rag & Bone, Filippa K, and Rogan), 37 Lafayette Street, 10am-9pm,
-Maven Collective Multi-Designer Sample Sale, 65 Spring Street, 10am-7pm
-Elie Tahari warehouse sale. Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue, 10am–7pm


(I'll start posting for other cities during the week, too - so check back soon!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

McQueen's Muse: Lady Gaga in her "Bad Romance" Video

Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection was incontestably the most memorable show of the season. Love it or hate it, the over-the-top line exploring mankind's doomed relationship with earth, in which we all end in a watery chaos and morph into creepy mutants, was fascinating.

Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" premiered at the show, and now that the video has finally dropped, it's pretty evident that McQueen and LG have their own love affair going. LG eerily skulks around in McQueen's ten inch stilettos, reminiscent of camel hoofs, and totally owns it.

Check the video

Images via,, and

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God Save Luella

I am a huge fan of Luella Bartley's ladylike, incredibly fun and fresh take on clothes, so I was really disappointed to hear that her label has been forced out of business since her distributor, VSQ, withdrew its backing. Only a year ago, Bartley was named Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

Luella's Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear collection was fantastic: 60s-inspired, ultra-feminine puff-bell silhouettes and sweetheart necklines with a distinctly British edge. I really hope someone steps in and helps the label out!

The former Vogue journalist once described her clothes as "the kind you can get drunk and fall over in", and accordingly, some of Britain's most famous It-Girls have been seen romping and raving in her creations. Maybe they should take up Luella's cause - I'd personally love to see Lily Allen and Peaches Geldof hosting a bake sale, but that's just me (Note: I'm a huge fan of both).

Image via

Shameless Self-Promotion Is Not a Crime

I'm going to be guest blogging on Urban Darling once a week, so look out for me -today was my inaugural post!

This week, check out Christian Louboutin!

Friday, November 6, 2009

I Thank Victoria's Secret For Giving Me Role Models

Victoria's Secret held a nation-wide model search, and the results are in: ten bodacious ladies are currently competing for America's...heart and soul.

NY Magazine's daily blog, The Cut, reports that these young women will be in "Angel Bootcamp". This is a magical and inspiring place, in which model-hopefuls are sure to participate in "a series of challenges where the contestants will show their photogenic qualities, prove their abilities as a spokesmodel, show off their red carpet star quality and radiate charisma while walking a runway in lingerie."

I'm not sure how one radiates charisma while strutting down a runway in underwear, but I believe that Victoria's Secret will find a way. I really hope they broadcast the interview segment!

I hate to beat up on these girls. Of course, they are lovely women. But I have some difficulty hearing young Kylie, an Angel Aspirant, giggle into a microphone, stating, "I should be the next Victoria Secret Runway Angel [giggle] because I could be out there, I'll bring a sexiness to the runway, a flirtiness, and a fun personality..."

I'm curious to know what she thinks Giselle, Heidi, and Adriana brought to the VS Runway. Advancements in sociopolitical theory?

Top image via The Cut.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Feel So Awkward: The December Issue of Harper's Bazaar

Prepubescent girls (and quite a honestly, a lot of my twenty-something friends) are going to be gawking at the cover of December's Harper's Bazaar. The magazine features Twilight heartthrobs Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the cover, with a full goth-glam fashion spread. Yay, more vampires!

In the tradition of all cheesy vampire narratives, the shoot features two star-crossed lovers in lots of black, crimson roses to denote true love, and, naturally, lots of eyeliner to underscore brooding, fervent eye-love-making. Pattinson looks quite handsome in his Dior Homme, and Stewart rocks an Alexander Wang dress as she clings to Pattinson on a motorcycle - because vampires are bad boys. Get it? Good.

But in an Alexander McQueen gown, the nineteen-year-old looks like a teenager who's just lost in a big expensive dress. Maybe Beyonce could pull it off? The gown commands a presence that the seemingly shy, evasive Stewart just isn't ready to give us. But then again, maybe it's not her fault - maybe it's the intensely awkward Pattinson, who's trying to seduce the camera while blatantly ignoring his beloved.

Images via

D-Day is Upon Us

Knowing that Jimmy Choo's collab with H&M would be dropping in a mere ten days (gasp!), and after hearing the endless buzz about the party in LA, I checked the website to peek at the collection again. Protocol for the drop date seems tedious enough (H&M has a fairly detailed policy for you eager shoe-mongers), so I suspect I'll be nixing the line. Frankly, while some of the shoes are pretty hot, spending $299 at H&M for a pair of boots (albeit beautiful, 100% leather, knee-high stiletto boots) seems absurd. I suppose the prices are easier on the pocketbook than Jimmy Choo's standard fare, but I still don't feel quite right about it.

My favorite pair is this incredible black leather/grommet-and-cut-out-embellished number. So chic, but I have a feeling that by the time I make it to the downtown store, it's going to be sold out. If anyone wants to grab me a pair in a size 9, I'll love you for it.

Top image via, bottom image via

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gossip Girl's Latest Guest Star: Valentino 360 Bag

Known less for its content and more for its incredible fashion, Gossip Girl has had a slew of guest stars this season. Between Tyra Banks, Hillary Duff, Bree Williamson, and now, Valentino's 360 Bag, I'd have to say the latter has been my personal favorite.

In one of the most awesomely shallow conversations on TV this fall, Blair and Brandeis (played by Bree Williamson) managed to name some of the best players on the show within 30 seconds. Highlights:

Blair: “I love your 360...Very smart to pair it with Peter Som.”
Brandeis: “You’re good.”
Blair: “I know. I’m Blair. May I?”
Brandeis: “Sure.”
Blair: “From the moment I saw it it joined the list of Blair’s most wanted. Believe me when I tell you, I don’t say this very often. But I like you.”
Brandeis: “Well give me those peep toes and I’ll believe you.”
Blair: “Sorry, but Alexandre Birman’s are sacred.”
Brandeis: “Amen.”

But honestly, I can't blame them. At a cool $4,900, this bag is just so hot. Photo via

Monday, November 2, 2009

Retro-Chic Lingerie by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney's Spring 2010 lingerie collection was revealed earlier today - and I love it. There is a definite nod to art deco design. Clean lines, complimented by geometric elements, showcase McCartney's penchant for simple elegance and sophistication, while the gorgeous palette (soft, dusky neutrals and pinks) are so subtly sexy. According to WWD, the collection retails from $40 for briefs, up to $195 for McCartney's Monogram Knickers of the Week. Stunning! Photo via WWD.