Wednesday, November 4, 2009

D-Day is Upon Us

Knowing that Jimmy Choo's collab with H&M would be dropping in a mere ten days (gasp!), and after hearing the endless buzz about the party in LA, I checked the website to peek at the collection again. Protocol for the drop date seems tedious enough (H&M has a fairly detailed policy for you eager shoe-mongers), so I suspect I'll be nixing the line. Frankly, while some of the shoes are pretty hot, spending $299 at H&M for a pair of boots (albeit beautiful, 100% leather, knee-high stiletto boots) seems absurd. I suppose the prices are easier on the pocketbook than Jimmy Choo's standard fare, but I still don't feel quite right about it.

My favorite pair is this incredible black leather/grommet-and-cut-out-embellished number. So chic, but I have a feeling that by the time I make it to the downtown store, it's going to be sold out. If anyone wants to grab me a pair in a size 9, I'll love you for it.

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  1. the shoes look great--the heel looks painful!

    and i agree with you about spending $299 at H&M...if i want to spend that much at H&M, i should be getting at least 10 different items, not just one pair of heels.

    Happy Blogging!

  2. these shoes are amazing no doubt...but if i am going to invest in a pair of jimmy choo's, i want to be the only hoodrat on the block rocking them.

    i understand that 'its the economy' and jimbo is making his incredible pieces available to more people, and i appreciate him for that. but i just cant help but feel like jimmy choo's have now lost their luster. whats the point in showing off your new investments when every other girl on the lower east side will be wearing the same thing?

    this is how a normal compliment used to go:

    friend 1: "that's super cute where did you get it?!'
    friend 2: "H&M, totally awesome find, right?!'

    now its going to go:

    friend 1: "oh my gosh are those jimmy choo's"
    friend 2: "yeah!...but from H&M" (SAD FACE)