Monday, November 23, 2009

When I Was Thirteen, I Wasn't as Cool as Tavi Gevinson

At thirteen years old, Style Rookie's blogger Tavi Gevinson is making quite a name for herself on the fashion scene. Gevinson started her blog at the age of eleven (seriously) and has developed an impressive following. In Teen Vogue, the Mulleavy sisters reportedly said, "Tavi defines Rodarte for Target... she's curious and discerning."

She was recently on the cover of Pop magazine, designed by Damien Hirst. Now, the the quirky teenager is traveling to Tokyo, where she will be the guest of honor at the Comme des Garçons' holiday party this Friday, November 27th, and where she will meet Rei Kawakubo. On Style Rookie, Gevinson describes herself at the type of girl who "scatters black petals on Rei Kawakubo's doorsteps and serenades her in rap."

I love this blog. She's a surprisingly good writer, and she's got a whimsical personal style. Reading Gevinson's blog reminds me of how I felt about fashion when I was growing up - something liberating that helped me escape to a far more exciting world.

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  1. she' adorable and does remind me of you. very sure of her personal style!!!!