Friday, November 6, 2009

I Thank Victoria's Secret For Giving Me Role Models

Victoria's Secret held a nation-wide model search, and the results are in: ten bodacious ladies are currently competing for America's...heart and soul.

NY Magazine's daily blog, The Cut, reports that these young women will be in "Angel Bootcamp". This is a magical and inspiring place, in which model-hopefuls are sure to participate in "a series of challenges where the contestants will show their photogenic qualities, prove their abilities as a spokesmodel, show off their red carpet star quality and radiate charisma while walking a runway in lingerie."

I'm not sure how one radiates charisma while strutting down a runway in underwear, but I believe that Victoria's Secret will find a way. I really hope they broadcast the interview segment!

I hate to beat up on these girls. Of course, they are lovely women. But I have some difficulty hearing young Kylie, an Angel Aspirant, giggle into a microphone, stating, "I should be the next Victoria Secret Runway Angel [giggle] because I could be out there, I'll bring a sexiness to the runway, a flirtiness, and a fun personality..."

I'm curious to know what she thinks Giselle, Heidi, and Adriana brought to the VS Runway. Advancements in sociopolitical theory?

Top image via The Cut.

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  1. (cue to snore)
    I feel like the whole "search for the next big model" (not big in the literal size sense CLEARLY) is so overdone. Don't get me wrong, I loved top model and I'll admit I was addicted at one point but there are too many similar shows out there feeding into the "I wanna be a super skinny super model one day" culture that the younger generation just feasts on.
    If what it takes to be a Victoria Secret Runway Angel is a flirty and fun personality [giggle] and being sexy when walking [giggle] hell I could put on a show and be one too! But knowing me, I will be watching this show with a spoon in one hand and a pint of ben&jerrys in the other