Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Squishy New York by Dave Ortiz

I had the pleasure of catching up with Dave Ortiz and Squishy (his muse) in the LES this evening. A bit of our conversation:

"Being the international star that Squishy is, she decided to design her own women's line to compete with Juicy Couture, because she feels that 'Juicy' is too racy, and not for real women. After she showed the line to all her Hollywood friends, the Creative Director at Adidas, the Marketing Director at Nike, and Karlito Lagerfeld, she decided she needed to establish her own brand - Squishy New York. You may notice the obscure 'New York' - well, this is because she has no thumbs."

Limited-edition Squishy New York t-shirts and hoodies are available at Epstein's Bar (82 Stanton) and SHUT Skates (158 Orchard Street).

Images via Radcollector.com.

L*Space Fringe Benefits

With the fringe trend being quite dominant this spring, it feels like a veritable rodeo out there. I've seen images of this L*Space piece, and I'm quite smitten with it. Granted, it is a bathing suit, but it is ripe with styling opportunities, particularly for those who aren't afraid to bare a bit extra in the warmer weather. For the more demure dressers, use it as a base layering piece. Also available in white and, my favorite, purple.

Images via L*Space.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tokyo Fashion Week Highlights

I really enjoyed Somarta's RTW Fall 2010 collection; it was sumptuous, dramatic, and full of sensual textures. I really loved the high boots coupled with the lace stockings - definitely on my radar for the fall. Tamae Hirokawa's brocade skirts really struck a cord with me as well. There was something ultimately dark and moody about this collection, and I would love to see the inspiration boards, since I couldn't quite figure out the connection between the horned hairstyle and the rest of the collection. The metal heels on the shoes were an awesome touch, although the accessorizing did tend to venture into slightly costume-y territory.

All images via WWD.com.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Paris: Peace Out, 80s

Paris was all over the place. But if there is one definitive point to accept, it is that the 80s trend is over, and we can look forward to a 60s and 70s revival.

Giambattista Valli was my personal favorite for the day, with an undeniable early 60s influence in the silhouettes. The coats looked fresh with a nostalgic air; they seemed appropriate for Audrey Hepburn in a chase scene in Charade. The dresses were frothy and fun, and many of these looks seemed to hearken back to a sophisticated time of revelry (again, I'm envisioning Audrey Hepburn, but this time in the unforgettable New York party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's). It wasn't all texturing and panelling though - some looks were paired with structured blazers. This dichotomy only managed to heighten the sex appeal.

Stella McCartney was all business. Nothing was short of sheer and chic modernity, and while some pieces were distinctively mod (largely due to some smart color blocking), there was nothing particularly retro about the collection. The clothes felt grown up and mature, catering less to a runway-frequenter and more to an Upper East Side set.

If Stella McCartney was serious, Yves Saint Laurent was flat-out sedated. Over sized hats flopped over models' faces like poorly-fit habits, and heavy gold chains laid against somber palettes like crucifixes. Stefano Pilati's show wasn't boring, though - the ensembles may have lacked color and vitality, but a real sense of drama was present: the 70s cuts, the unusual suiting accents, the hidden faces, the gloves, the capes.

Kenzo was wonderfully weird. Imagine a boho/hipster Diane Keaton in Annie Hall, artfully mixing hippie prints with men's suiting. A word of caution: be careful when styling this look. On one hand, you may seem free-spirited and quirky, on the other, the style may render you dateless till Spring 2011.

And Ungaro - oh, Ungaro. After the Lindsay Lohan debacle, the fashion house has desperately tried to make up for the poorly conceived and executed publicity stunt. Unfortunately for the gossip-lovers, the heart-shaped pasties were omitted from this season's collection. The pieces were structured better, but the show lacked vision. While other designers started exploring new silhouettes of modernity and maturity, Estrella Archs seemed to still be stuck in the 80s, and the look just seems tired and played out. Uninspiring, to say the least.

All images via Style.com

And The Winner Is...Penelope Cruz

I think it's safe to say that style-wise, this year's Academy Awards was a bit of a buzzkill. Jennifer Lopez looked like she was swathed in a bed spread in Armani Prive, Charlize Theron's Vera Wang ensemble was a chesty mess, and even the evening's leading lady - Sandra Bullock in Marchesa - just looked safe, albeit pretty.

Penelope Cruz, however, was a knockout. In all honesty, I am terribly biased: I firmly believe that she is one of the most uncommonly beautiful women in Hollywood, and she has enough attitude and fire in her personality to pull off even the most dramatic looks.

In her crimson Donna Karan dress last night, she was a vision, and out-shined many of the other starlets.

Of course, Penelope Cruz is known for wearing dramatic dream-worthy gowns: Remember the iconic blush Atelier Versace gown at the 2007 Academy Awards?

Top Image Getty via Aol.com, Bottom image via Instyle.com.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dolce + Gabbana Is Utterly Stunning

I read enough reviews about Dolce & Gabbana's stellar collection, but didn't get much of an opportunity earlier to really check out the images. It is absolutely incredible. I highly recommend checking out the full collection when you get a chance.

I thought I was really over the lingerie-inspired trend, until I saw this.

Images via NYMag.com.