Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Squishy New York by Dave Ortiz

I had the pleasure of catching up with Dave Ortiz and Squishy (his muse) in the LES this evening. A bit of our conversation:

"Being the international star that Squishy is, she decided to design her own women's line to compete with Juicy Couture, because she feels that 'Juicy' is too racy, and not for real women. After she showed the line to all her Hollywood friends, the Creative Director at Adidas, the Marketing Director at Nike, and Karlito Lagerfeld, she decided she needed to establish her own brand - Squishy New York. You may notice the obscure 'New York' - well, this is because she has no thumbs."

Limited-edition Squishy New York t-shirts and hoodies are available at Epstein's Bar (82 Stanton) and SHUT Skates (158 Orchard Street).

Images via Radcollector.com.

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