Friday, February 12, 2010

Ibrahim Ahmed and Resin Denim

I recently saw some work by up-and-coming artist Ibrahim Ahmed, and I loved it. I'm really fascinated by artists who tap into their heritage subtly without ramming an agenda down my throat. Ahmed's work is meditative, sensual, and quite beautiful.

Ahmed works with a lot of non-traditional media, i.e. windowpanes, that evoke a sense of spirituality and lightness. He's definitely tapped into his Middle Eastern influences in a fresh way - his windowpanes speak to the tradition of using stained-glass windows to lend a sense of light and warmth to architecture.

Ok, I'm getting a bit art-nerdy, and I apologize.

Interestingly, he's also got another pet project: he has designed the artwork for Resin Denim, a new label that is already being whispered about amongst those in the know (there was even a recent window display at Barney's). Ahmed did the work on the pocket designs and linen.

Of course, my initial thought was, "Why denim?" After all, a lot of artists do get involved in the fashion scene - but they tend to break in through magazines or women's wear. But upon further thought, it really makes sense. You can really see a sense of authenticity to the materials in Ahmed's artwork - simply constructed wooden window frames, glass, acrylic, metal. Resin is an organic artist's material.

And denim? Designing a great pair of jeans is, not to be too corny, a total art. After all, it is a simple workers' fabric that has been redefined and repurposed by the fashion world. Styling and accessorizing denim does not speak to the utter complexities of comprehending and working with this material.

Someone who understands denim must realize the singular importance of being authentic to this fabric and its history: the sense of movement and comfort it embraces; the strict understanding of style it necessitates. And frankly, I think we are all familiar with the harrowing aftermath of the recent ill-fated era of bedazzlement. From now onwards, I want the person designing my denim pieces to have a discerning eye - not some jewels, a hot-glue gun, and too much enthusiasm.

You can check out Resin Denim here. I can't wait to get a pair!

Top image compliments of Samer Fouad
Middle two images compliments of Michael McKeon
Bottom image compliments of Tyler Olsen

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