Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inspired: Ashish, Viral and Vikrant

Ashish, Viral and Vikrant for Virtues has a truly fun and youthful collection of dresses and ensembles that pay homage to their Indian roots. The look this season seemed quite bohemian-chic, cutting delicious fabrics (re: a mixture of Indian textiles pieced together with popular western fabrics, like denim) so that the authentic beauty of the materials remained clearly visible. In fact, I would say the collection is uncommonly well conceived: these pretty and interesting pieces emphasize the fabric choices subtly and chicly. What's particularly nice is that, despite the obvious nod to heritage textiles and prints, the looks are urban and versatile. I imagine women will be loving these pieces from Bombay to LA and everywhere in between.

Images via Vogue India.

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